How to Wax a Car with a Machine Buffer

Waxing your vehicle is the final step in the cleaning process that makes your car gleam and adds protection to the paintwork to help keep it that way. Using a machine buffer (also referred to as a polisher) is an excellent way to speed up waxing your vehicle. For beginners, the use of a machine … Read more

Best Wax and Polish for Metallic Cars

The great thing about a metallic car, is that it will shine no matter what the weather thanks to the aluminium powder that is added to the paint. However, small amounts of dirt can quickly make the car look messy, so frequent cleaning is required and the paintwork needs to be cared for. It’s perfectly … Read more

Common Causes of Car Scratches

If you’re wondering how those scratches appeared on your vehicle, you’re not alone. You might be surprised at the source of a scratch, it can be anything from improper cleaning to prickly hedges. In this guide, I’ll break down the most common causes of car scratches and share how you would approach each one when … Read more

Will Washing Your Car Remove Wax?

If you’ve spent many hours waxing your vehicle to get the perfect shine and form a protective layer, the last thing you want to do is wash it off a few weeks later. Washing your car will not remove the wax, provided you are using a car shampoo and have used it in the correct … Read more

Best Breathalyser To Keep In Your Car

We all know why keeping a breathalyser in your car is a good idea. Whether you’ve had a few drinks at home, or you’ve been out the night before, checking that you’re fit to drive is extremely important. In some countries, it’s a legal obligation to keep a breathalyser in your car, here in the … Read more

Garmin Dashcam Comparison Chart and Reviews

Garmin’s dashcam range has come a long way since they first entered the space back in 2014 and they now have a stellar line up of devices. Understanding the differences between each one can be tricky so we’ve pulled together a comparison chart to give you a helping hand. Keep reading below for a fuller … Read more

Nextbase Series 2 Dashcam Comparison Chart and Reviews

Dashcams are becoming familiar faces on the roads of Britain and other developed nations. Even as early as 2018, more than one in four motorists owned a dashcam (source), so with the ever-increasing specs and lowering of prices, we expect this to be even higher now. Nextbase is the biggest dashcam manufacturer in the UK … Read more