Best Leather Car Seat Cleaners & Conditioners [UK Guide]

If your car has leather seats, you need to be using leather cleaner and conditioner on them. If you don’t, your leather seats can begin to crack and look worn. For the best results for your leather seats, you should use a specially formulated cleaner and conditioner. If you’re wondering which one, then you’re in … Read more

Best Microfibre Car Drying Towels [UK Guide]

Drying your car is one of the most important steps in washing your car to ensure a streak free finish. This is best done with a dedicated microfibre drying towel that has been designed to be soft on your paintwork whilst having a high absorbency. At first glance it may seem like all microfibre cloths … Read more

Best Wax and Polish for Red Cars

Red is the UK’s fifth most popular colour car, and has been for some time now. But keeping your red car looking spick and span requires a bit of hard work. Once you’ve washed, rinsed an dried your vehicle, the final step is to get rid of any defects with the polish and protect the … Read more

Best Wax and Polish for Black Cars [UK Guide]

Keeping your black car gleaming is no mean feat. If anything, black is one of the hardest colours of car to keep clean, from the swirl marks to the visible scratches. But, with a good toolkit for finishing you vehicle, you can protect it against dirt, water and long term paint degradation. We have found … Read more

Best Wheel Clamps for Cars [UK Guide]

Wheel clamps are the ultimate way to protect your car against theft. Not only are they a visible deterrent, but provided you buy the right one, will make sure your car isn’t going anywhere. Of course, to be an effective deterrent, it needs to be an effective wheel clamp. This means being near indestructible and … Read more

Best Electric Impact Wrench for Cars [UK Guide]

Electric impact wrenches are common in professional car garages and thanks to ever decreasing prices, are becoming more popular with home mechanics too. Unlike air impact wrenches, an electric impact wrench is much more convenient and doesn’t require an air compressor. If you’re struggling to find the right one, well you’ve come to the right … Read more

Best Digital Torque Wrench [UK Guide]

Even for a seasoned mechanic, there are parts of the car where relying on intuition isn’t enough. Torque wrenches are perfect for taking the guess work out of tightening bolts and ensuring you conform to the standards set out by the car manufacturer when it was designed. Torque is a unit of measurement that determines … Read more

Best Floor Jacks for Lowered Cars [UK Guide]

If you’ve lowered your car, you’ll know that one of the difficulties is finding a trolley jack to change tyres or do work underneath. We’ve put together this guide with our recommended jacks for anyone in the UK with a lowered car. Most lowered cars won’t go below 100mm, but we’ve found jacks with a … Read more

Best Floor Jacks for SUVs and 4x4s

Finding a floor jack for an SUV or a 4×4 used to be really tricky. Short of going to a specialist parts shop, it was nearly impossible to find a floor jack that would support a big heavy vehicle. But because of the increase in popularity of SUVs and 4x4s in recent years, there are … Read more