Best Electric Scissor Jacks for Cars [UK Guide]

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Electric scissor jacks are an excellent thing to have in the boot of your car. If you get a flat tyre at the side of the road, an electric jack makes the whole process of changing it so much easier. At the touch of a button, your car is lifted, and you can get to work changing the flat. Once complete, press another button and your car is safely on the floor again.

Some electric car jacks also work great for caravans and trailers too, just make sure you get a car jack that can easily take the weight of your vehicle! We have reviewed all of the top electric scissor jacks in the UK and shared out recommendations below.

What is an Electric Scissor Jack?

If you’ve ever used the standard tyre repair kit that comes with most vehicles, then you’ve most likely come across a scissor jack as it’s typically the choice of jack to include for its portability.

The centre of the jack is placed under the part of the car you want to lift and you twist the handle to extend the arms until it makes contact with the car and starts to lift it.

An electric scissor jack works in exactly the same way only the winding of the handle is done mechanically to save you the trouble. The electric version makes a great upgrade for the one in your vehicle as these are also very portable.

Buyers Guide

For the most-part, considerations when it comes to buying electric scissor jacks are very similar to any trolley jack you might purchase, electric of otherwise. We’ll give you a quick run down of the main points or you can skip to our recommendations if you’re already familiar.

Weight Capacity

As with buying regular jacks, the weight capacity is important and will depend on your vehicle. As a general rule, we recommend that you ensure the weight capacity is equivalent to the whole vehicle, however other advice recommends that it be at least 75% of the vehicles weight so it’s up to you.

Maximum Lift Height

Scissor jacks will generally have a lower maximum lifting height than a typical floor jack as they are designed to be more portable and used on smaller vehicles. For most cars, a lift height of around 400mm should be adequate for tasks such as changing tyres.

If you have a high ride height (ground clearance), then you’ll need more lifting capability as the distance to the floor is greater.

Minimum Lift Height

The minimum lift height is the height of the scissor jack before use. This is an important metric if you have a low ride height as you need to ensure the jack can fit under it. Generally, scissor jacks have a low minimum height than other types of jack due to their design.

Cable Length

Electric scissor jacks are designed to be more portable so by their nature they generally have 12V cigarette lighter sockets for use when out and about if you get a flat tyre. Bearing in mind that these3 are usually in the front of the car, you need to make sure the cable is long enough to reach all four corners of your vehicle.

Best Electric Scissor Jacks

Here is a run down of the 4 jacks we recommend:

Zerone Electric Scissor Jack – Best Overall

Compact, robust and lightweight, this electric scissor jack is perfect for lifting most cars.

Packs away neatly in the provided case
Will fit any vehicle with 12cm ride height or above (most vehicles)
Easy to set up and electric lift works impressively well
Max height of 35cm may not be suitable for larger vehicles

Lifting Range: 12-35cm

Weight Capacity: 2 tonne

This 2-tonne car jack from Zerone has a lifting range of 12-35cm, and comes with everything you need to lift most cars. The jack itself has the electric controller built-in. It then comes with two ways of connecting the jack to your car.

You can attach the jack directly to the battery of the car, or you can use the 12v power socket. The cord is long enough to reach all corners of the vehicle. There is also a crank handle included should you run in to any difficulties.

If you’re looking for a car jack that will help you get back on the road quickly, safely and easily, this car jack is really hard to beat.

Power Wings Electric Jack and Wrench Set – Best All-in-One Set

A powerful electric car jack, supplied with an electric impact driver for easy and fast wheel changes.

Complete set with jack, impact driver and sockets that will fit most car wheel nuts too
The jack is very easy to use
Has a good lifting range
Impact driver and the jack share the power supply so must be swapped during use

Max Torque: 480n.m.

Lifting Range: 17-42cm

Weight Capacity: 2.5 tonne

Cable Length: 3m

This electric car jack can hold 2.5 tonnes and has a max lifting height of 42cm so it’s a great all rounder and should encompass most cars.

One of our favourite features is the inclusion of two remote controls so you can choose whether to use the wired or remote control, whichever suits your needs.

Of course, Power Wings really hit it out of the park with this car jack because they supply an electric impact driver with the car jack too. Just like the jack, the impact driver plugs into the 12v socket in your car, and both can be powered directly from the battery too.

This car jack is so easy to use, but the included impact driver makes short work of most tyre changes and frankly makes this car jack pretty much unbeatable.

ROGTZ Electric Scissor Jack Kit – For Larger Cars and Vehicles

A 3-tonne car jack that will lift your car to max height in just two minutes.

3 tonne capacity suitable for larger cars too
Compact, easy to use and robust
Kit includes gloves, spare fuses and a manual lever

Lifting Range: 19-42cm

Weight Capacity: 3 tonne

This car jack is designed for larger vehicles as it has a max lifting height of 42cm and a 3 tonne capacity. The design still allows it to fit in to a compact carry case that can easily be kept in a vehicle.

Granted, the 19cm minimum height means this electric jack isn’t suitable for smaller cars, which is a shame because this car jack is a really solid bit of kit.

In the box, you get the power cables to connect the jack to the battery and the 12v socket in your car. You also get a manual lever, some extra fuses and spare heads. Plus, you also get some gloves which will be much appreciated when you have to change a tyre unexpectedly.

J-Conel Electric Car Jack – Portable Size

Small, but powerful, this car jack can fit under most cars and packs away in to a portable case

12cm min lifting height means it will fit under most cars
Box is smallest out of those listed

Lifting Range: 12-35cm

Weight Capacity: 2 tonne

Unlike a few of the car jacks on this list, J-Conel have decided to keep their jack as compact as possible so it can be carried around ready for when it’s required. The lifting range of 12-35cm is best for smaller and mid sized vehicles and it’s lifting capacity is targeted at a similar group/

In the box with this jack, you get a wired cable and both of the power supply options as the other jacks on this list. You also get a spare lifting head and some fuses too. A really nice touch with this electric car jack is that the case becomes a safety triangle to keep you safe while changing the tyre.

We hope this guide has been useful and that you’ve found the perfect scissor jack for your needs, we keep an eye on all jacks available in the UK and try to keep our guides up to date. If you think there’s one we’ve missed, we’d love to hear from you!