About Us

Auto Adviser was created out of a passion for cars as a place to share tips, advice and reviews of anything and everything automotive related.

We come from a variety of backgrounds, including car dealerships and auto engineering, but all have one goal – to share the best recommendations and advice to help our readers.

The Current Editorial Team

Kieren, Founder and Editor-in-Chief

Kieren is the founder and editor-in-chief of Auto Adviser. Kieren created the site to share his passion of cars that began long before he passed his driving test and is now a recognised contributor in the industry. Outside of cars, Kieren loves drinking coffee and travelling to far-off lands. – View Kieren’s posts

Scott, Automotive Product Expert

Scott’s love for cars goes back as far as he can remember which is why he’s our go-to guy for all automotive product reviews. When Scott’s not at hotrod shows or drag racing events, he’s dreaming about that E-type drag that will hopefully appear on his drive one day. – View Scott’s posts

Ellie, Car Fanatic

Ellie used to work in a Vauxhall dealership but has now turned her passion to writing about cars instead. Ellie currently drives a Corsa but as an electric vehicle fanatic has her hopes on one day owning a Tesla. It will, of course, be grey as she only ever owns grey cars. – View Ellie’s posts

Farruk, Automotive Engineer

An automotive engineer by profession, Farruk loves to work around cars and is a huge F1 fan (McLaren all the way!). Farruk is a big advocate of moving towards zero carbon emission vehicles, but still loves nothing more than getting behind the wheel of a pure mechanical car. – View Farruk’s posts