Alternatives to We Buy Any Car [Sites to Sell Your Car]

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It is fair to say that We Buy Any Car is one of Britain’s most popular car buying service. However, recently the online buying and selling car market has become increasingly competitive. So, what are the alternatives?

The best alternatives to We Buy Any Car for selling your car easily online are Exchange My Car, Cazoo, Motorway, Cinch, and CarWow. Some of these will offer a guaranteed price whereas others will put your vehicle out to dealers for offers.

Keep reading to find out more about these alternatives and how they are similar to different to We Buy Any Car. I’ve also asked each service for a quote on the same three vehicles so you can get an idea of how much they pay.

Quick Summary

In a rush? Here are the top We Buy Any Car alternatives.

Keep reading to find out more about each service and see the quotes I received from each.

What is We Buy Any Car?

Before we jump in to the alternatives, here is a little information about We Buy Any Car so you know what we’re comparing against.

One of the biggest advantages of We Buy Any Car is a quick and hassle-free sale. They have numerous drop-off points across the UK, so customers can drop off their car with very little effort.

We Buy Any Car uses a transaction fee, depending on the value of the car. According to here are the requirements for the transaction fees:

Sale ValueFees
Below £99.99None
£100 to £3,999.99 £49.99
£4,000 to £4,999.99 £59.99

The company pays their customers directly to their bank account within 4 working days after the day of sale, WBAC uses their standard bank transfer service and there is no fee for this service.

We Buy Any Car offers their customers the option of a  next working day payment service which is at a cost of £24.75 and also a same day premier payment feature to an additional fee of £29.75. 

Alternatives to We Buy Any Car

Below are my top alternatives to We Buy Any Car. As well as comparing the service, I also asked each company for a quote on three vehicles as follows:

  • Quote 1 – 2008 Renault Megane with 110,000 miles
  • Quote 2 – 2013 BMW 1 Series with 80,000 miles
  • Quote 3 – 2020 Audi A5 with 11,000 miles

You can see these quotes side-by-side in the table at the end of this article.

Best Overall: Exchange My Car

Quote 1 (2008 Renault Megane)£540
Quote 2 (2013 BMW 1 Series)£5,510
Quote 3 (2020 Audi A5)£29,380
Guaranteed Price or Estimate?Guaranteed
No. of Branches
Drop Off vs CollectionCollect at home only
FeesRefundable fee of £50

Despite the name, with Exchange My Car, you can sell your car as well as part exchange it.

They allocate their customers a dedicated account manager that guides customers through the process. In the quotes I received, the older Megane and the newer A5 came in higher than any other service, plus they are guaranteed.

It works slightly differently to We Buy Any Car as they do not buy your car directly but have a network of dealers that will buy the car. When a customer has an appointment with EMC, an unbiased third-party organisation comes to check over and test drive the vehicle, so they know the condition of the car is how it has been described by the customer.

Exchange My Car then waits for the process to be completed and then they give the full payment to their customer via their instant bank transfer process which includes no fee, which means the customer receives their money before their car is taken away. 

They will collect the car from an agreed location which is also different to We Buy Any Car who only accept drop-offs at their branches.

Best for Non-Runners: We Want Any Car

Quote 1 (2008 Renault Megane)No quote
Quote 2 (2013 BMW 1 Series)£5,627
Quote 3 (2020 Audi A5)£28,963
Guaranteed Price or Estimate?Guaranteed
No. of Branches49
Drop Off vs CollectionCollect at home only
FeesFees £58-£78

Despite their name which suggests they will buy any car, I couldn’t get quotes for the older vehicle with high mileage.

However, when it came to the mid-priced vehicle, the quote was among the best and the high-priced quote was very fair.

One of the things that makes We Want Any Car stand out from other car buyers is that they will also buy non-runners and cat C or D vehicles.

Keep in mind that they have a similar fee structure to We Buy Any Car which devalues the quotes they offer.

However, one difference to We Buy Any Car is that they will come and inspect the vehicle at your home or a chosen location and they offer inspections 7 days per week so you’ll get a quick turn around.

Best Without Fees: Motorway

Quote 1 (2008 Renault Megane)No quote
Quote 2 (2013 BMW 1 Series)£5,568
Quote 3 (2020 Audi A5)£29,087
Guaranteed Price or Estimate?Estimate only
No. of Branches3000
Drop Off vs CollectionCollect at home only
FeesNo fees

Like Exchange My Car, Motorway offers their customers an instant valuation where they use live market data to give an accurate estimation.

Motorway also promise to offer their customers the highest price for their car as they claim to find the dealer who will pay the most for a car. There is also no fee for the customer, as the dealers are the ones who pays the fee, this is the same concept that Exchange My Car use, so it shows this way of working is of benefit to their customers. 

Like their competitors, Motorway also offers a home collection service which is completely free. We Buy Any Car does not offer home collection and there usually is a buying fee involved.

Best for Quick Sale: The Car Buying Group

Quote 1 (2008 Renault Megane)£250
Quote 2 (2013 BMW 1 Series)£4,388
Quote 3 (2020 Audi A5)£27,992
Guaranteed Price or Estimate?Guaranteed
No. of Branches18
Drop Off vs CollectionCollect at home only
FeesNo fees

The Car Buying Group has a similar system to We Buy Any Car where they purchase the car directly from you and sell it on later. However, the ain differences are that they collect the car from you and they do not charge any fees.

The test quotes I received from The Car Buying Group were the lowest across all three cars, however, the big advantage of the Car Buying Group is the speed of their service.

Because they directly purchase your vehicle themselves (similar to We Buy Any Car), they state that it’s possible to complete a sale the same day in some instances.

Best With Drop-Off Points: Cazoo

Quote 1 (2008 Renault Megane)£350
Quote 2 (2013 BMW 1 Series)£5,100
Quote 3 (2020 Audi A5)£28,800
Guaranteed Price or Estimate?Guaranteed
No. of Branches21
Drop Off vs CollectionCollect or drop off
FeesNo fees to drop off, £75 to pick up

Cazoo is an online car buying and selling platform and they have 4 and a half star overall rating on Trustpilot which shows that their customers on the whole are very impressed with the services that the company provides.

Aside from We Buy Any Car, Cazoo is one of the few car buying services online that also allow you to drop your vehicle off at one of their branches, this might be preferred by some people. However, they have far fewer branches than We Buy Any Car with just 21 compared to 450.

The company also offers collection of cars in as little as 72 hours which is ideal for those who want to sell their car without too much effort.

Whilst there are no fees when you sell your car to Cazoo, they do charge you a £75 fee if you take advantage of their collection from home service.

Best for Part-Ex: Cinch

Quote 1 (2008 Renault Megane)Exchange only
Quote 2 (2013 BMW 1 Series) Exchange only
Quote 3 (2020 Audi A5) Exchange only
Guaranteed Price or Estimate?Guaranteed
No. of Branches100
Drop Off vs CollectionCollect or drop off
FeesNo fees

Cinch- “Cars without the faff” gives their customers the opportunity to buy, finance and part exchange cars in one place.

Cinch is a slightly different alternative to We Buy Any Car as they only seem to offer part exchange and won’t buy your car outright.

However, they have the broadest range of used cars available so they are one of the best services to part exchange your car. I also like that they offer a 14-day money-back guarantee for peace of mind.

They are one of the few services that offer both collection or drop off of your car and they don’t charge any fees for either of these.

Great for Electric Cars: CarWow

Quote 1 (2008 Renault Megane)No quote
Quote 2 (2013 BMW 1 Series)£4,536-£5,354
Quote 3 (2020 Audi A5)£26,473-£28,555
Guaranteed Price or Estimate?Estimate only
No. of Branches3000
Drop Off vs CollectionCollect at home only
FeesNo fees

CarWow is a car buying and selling comparison website. They are big on promoting electric vehicles, and they even have their own page dedicated to electric cars, which is something that their competitors do not push as much.

This shows CarWow is looking to the future, and they are ahead of the game when it comes to encouraging customers to convert to fully electric vehicles.      

They have been rated 4.7/5 which is slightly higher than Cinch, so it shows that CarWow may be a relatively new online buying and selling cars company, but customers are already very impressed with the services that they provide.

Carwow is another fee-free service, however, their prices are only estimates and not guaranteed until they have put the car out to their network for offers.

They also wouldn’t give me a quote for the oldest vehicle so it’s best for mid-range and premium used cars.

Comparison Table

Here is a side-by-side comparison of each service and the quotes I received:

We Buy Any CarExchange My CarWe Want Any CarMotorwayThe Car Buying GroupCazooCinchCarwow
Best OverallBest for Mid-Priced VehiclesBest Without FeesBest for Quick SaleBest with Drop Off PointsBest for Part-ExGreat for Electric Cars
Quote 1 (2008 Renault Megane)£150£540No quoteNo quote£250£350exchange onlyNo quote
Quote 2 (2013 BMW 1 Series)£5000£5510£5627£5,568£4,388£5100exchange only£4,536-£5,354
Quote 3 (2020 Audi A5)£28420£29380£28963£29,087£27,992£28800exchange only£26,473-£28,555
Guaranteed Price or Estimate?guaranteedguaranteedguaranteedestimate onlyguaranteedguaranteedguaranteedestimate only
No. of Branches425n/a49300018211003000
Drop Off vs CollectionDrop off inbranch onlyCollect at home onlyCollect at home onlyCollect at home onlyCollect at home onlyCollect or drop offCollect or drop offCollect at home only
FeesFees £50-75Refundable fee of £50Fees £58-£78No feesNo feesNo fees to drop off, £75 to pick upNo feesNo Fees

Related Questions

Who Beats We Buy Any Car?

When it comes selling your vehicle online, Exchange My Car, Motorway, and Cazoo all offered quotes that beat We Buy Any Car for both older and newer used vehicles. We Want Any Car and Carwow offered similar quotes and The Car Buying Group offered the lowest quotes of all.

Does We Buy Any Car Rip You Off?

No, We Buy Any Car does not rip you of when selling newer used cars, however, the quotes they offer for older vehicles and those with high mileage tend to be well below-average. You should also consider the fees they charge which can make their quotes less competitive.

They are also one of the few car buying services that will only allow you to drop the car off at their branches whereas most services will collect it from an agreed location. However, with 450+ branches, there is usually a place nearby to drop your vehicle off.

How Much Does We Buy Any Car Knock Off for Dents?

It really depends on the desirability and the potential buyer, it is best to have dents and scratches repaired before selling a car, as dents and scratches do lessen the value of a car.