Best Wax and Polish for Black Cars [UK Guide]

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Keeping your black car gleaming is no mean feat. If anything, black is one of the hardest colours of car to keep clean, from the swirl marks to the visible scratches. But, with a good toolkit for finishing you vehicle, you can protect it against dirt, water and long term paint degradation.

We have found done our homework and reviewed five excellent car waxes and polish design for black cars, all of which you can find below. Plus, we’ve put together a few expert tips to help keep your black car looking like new.

Quick Summary

In a rush? Here are our top three picks for black cars. Keep reading for full reviews and other recommendations.

  • Trusted brand by detailers and enthusiasts
  • Removes small imperfections and leaves a shine
  • Conditioning oils add a depth of colour
  • Contains carnauba wax which provides lasting protection
  • Leaves a deep black shine
  • Suitable for all black cars including metallics, pearlescent and xirallic paint
  • Two-in-one acts as both a polish (to remove scratches) and a wax (to protect)
  • Affordable price

What’s the Difference Between Wax and Polish?

Whilst both car polish and wax are used post-wash as a way of finishing your car, they work in slightly different ways. Car polish is used to work out defects in your paintwork. It has some abrasive properties so that it cuts through grease, grime and light scratches.

On the other hand, car wax is used to provide a shine and protect your paintwork. Your paint needs to be protected from the oxygen in the air, UV rays from the sunlight and the rain, all of which can deteriorate your paint over time.

You don’t need to use polish before car wax, but if you do decide to use both, you should use polish before wax. Once your car is clean and scratch-free, you can use car wax to add a layer of protection to your paintwork.

Can you use all-in-one wax and polish? In today’s market, you no longer have the clear choice between polish or wax, there are polishes that provide protection, waxes that remove scratches and all manner of glazes and all-in-one formulas. Whilst professional detailers will use separate products, these multi purpose products are also good so choose a product that is right for you.

Why Use Wax or Polish Designed for Black Cars?

If you use a car polish that is designed for black cars, it will fill in light scratches with a similar colour to your paintwork. This means that scratches in your paintwork are not as visible. The same goes for wax. Waxing your car is the last step in cleaning and protecting it. And so using a car wax that is designed for black cars means that many imperfections are hidden.

Best Car Wax and Polish for Black Cars

The best polish and car waxes for black cars are:

Here are our full reviews of each product, along with the pros and cons of them:

Meguiar’s Ultimate Polish

A top-notch cutting compound that will rid your black car of most scrapes and scratches

Shines up black cars beautifully even with small imperfections
A little goes a long way
Well known brand you can trust
Requires a lot of elbow grease

Meguiar’s Ultimate Polish, known as a filler polish in the car detailing world, is best used after cutting compound and is so easy to apply if you follow the instructions correctly. Just use a small amount, and it will fill in most scratches and imperfections in your paintwork.

This car polish has conditioning oils in it that add a depth of colour to your paintwork. It provides an amazing gloss finish even before car wax is applied.

The polish is safe on all black gloss paints but also works on clear coats too. As long as you read the instructions of this car polish, it will work wonders on any imperfections on your car and leave it looking beautiful. You can then apply wax for protection and enjoy a showroom-ready black car!

Car Gods Diamond Black Wax

This formula acts as both a polish and wax to provide all-in-one restoration and protection

Can hide scratches and leaves a deep shine
Durable finish that is easy to maintain
Tough to apply in warm weather

Car Gods make some exceptional car detailing products, and this product lives up to the name. The pigmented formula is suitable for all types of black paint and acts as both a polish and a wax.

It is especially good at removing surface oxidation to restore a vehicles natural shine. It can also fill in blemishes and minor scratches really well. It is made with carnauba wax which is better than synthetic wax at providing long term protection.

Whilst some polishes take multiple uses to see results, the beauty of the Car Gods product is that you’ll see results after just one use. We heard from one user who scraped their car with a branch and within one use of this formula it was as good as new with a beautiful, deep shine!

Turtle Wax Jet Black Wax

This wax is great for regular application and builds up long term protection of your paintwork

Brings paintwork back to life and protects it
With a few applications, it can hide a lot of scratches and even deep paint chips too
Provides long lasting water beading
Only removes minor imperfections – not a full replacement for polish

This Turtle Wax Colour Magic is a wax that’s designed for regular use after every wash. It has been specifically designed to enhance black paintwork whilst still providing the protection that a wax should.

The pigments in the wax bring the paint back to life and when used regularly it will provide protection against the air, the sun and water. Although it is usually down to polish to get rid of scratches, this wax does manage to cover up minor scuffs so can be used without the need for a polish if you don’t have too many imperfections.

Turtle Wax products are always easy to use and this is no exception, the formula has been designed with chemicals that allow easy application with minimal buffing required. Good news if you don’t like to use too much elbow grease.

T-Cut Colour Fast Black Wax and Polish

Undeniably the best all-in-one wax for black cars with scratches or oxidation thanks to black pigments and paint restoration technology

The black pigment in this is perfect for deep scratches
Provide a deep, rich black colour that lasts
Not recommended for the quick wash and protect jobs

T-Cut is as much a staple in garages up and down the UK as WD-40 so we don’t need to sell you on the proven brand. But this particular T-cut product is part of their Colourfast range and has been designed to give that extra touch to black cars. It is the next generation of black paint restoration technology.

Firstly, it works wonders on pretty deep scratches. T-cut modestly claim it can fill minor scratches, but you’ll be surprised at how good this product is at fixing scratches of all shapes and sizes.

If you’re looking for a polish and wax kit for your black car that has some imperfections, this should be your go-to. You get everything you need to fill scratches and then protect the paintwork too. This will leave your black car looking incredible!

Poor Boys Black Hole Polish

This product has been formulated for use with dark coloured vehicles to remove light scratches and swirls before the final wax

Fills scratches
Leaves a nice gloss finish ready for waxing
Will need a wax after this as it is just a very good polish

Don’t be fooled by the basic looking label, this is Poorboy’s signature move. They are a brand dedicated to creating premium detailing products, without the fancy label or price tag.

Black Hole is a polish that has been designed to get every last blemish out of the car. It can be applied by hand or using a machine if you want to make light work of the task.

Although it does give an exceptional shine, it is only a polish with no waxing properties so you’ll need to apply a wax or sealer afterwards for ongoing protection of your paintwork.

Tips to Keep a Black Car Shiny

That shine isn’t going to manage itself, having a shiny black car requires time and effort, but is worth it in the long term. Keep your black car clean between washes using either cold water without any chemicals, or using a detailer spray and a good quality microfibre cloth.

When washing your black car, use the two bucket method, this involves rinsing the sponge in a second bucket to remove the dirt before reapplying soap. Always dry your car after washing it, have some large microfibre towels on hand to wipe it down.

We recommend trying to wash and dry your car in a shaded area rather than direct sunlight as the sun can dry the shampoo before you get to it and leave swirl marks.

Whilst scratches might be immediate and visible, it’s the long term effects of air and sun exposure that will cause the biggest concerns. The main one is oxidation, this is when the paint breaks down and starts to look faded. Both oxygen in the air and the heat from the sun can cause this. That’s why applying regular treatment such as the waxes mentioned above are key to long term care.

If you can, we’d suggest you aim to use polish and wax that’s been formulated for black vehicles, this is guaranteed to give you a better finish than using standard products as the pigments will be darker.

And finally, do you want to know the big secret to using car wax and getting the most out of that wax? Follow the instructions! We know, it’s crazy, but it works! There are no shortcuts to getting a great protective layer on your car that shines and looks great. It is all about taking your time!


Should you wax a black car?

Absolutely! You should wax your black car at least once a month. Wax helps to protect your black paintwork from the sun, air and water, to keep it looking shiny for longer. You don’t need to use a wax that has abrasive in it to maintain this shine and protect the finish either. However, an abrasive product can be used to remove dirt and scratches.

Does black wax cover scratches?

Black wax can cover light scratches in your paintwork. It won’t work on very heavy scratches, but for swirls in your paintwork or minor imperfections, black wax is a great option. For anything a bit more stubborn, a black car polish can be used first to remove the bulk and then black car wax can be used to cover the rest.

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