Nextbase Series 2 Dashcam Comparison Chart and Reviews

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Dashcams are becoming familiar faces on the roads of Britain and other developed nations. Even as early as 2018, more than one in four motorists owned a dashcam (source), so with the ever-increasing specs and lowering of prices, we expect this to be even higher now.

Nextbase is the biggest dashcam manufacturer in the UK and was founded back in 1999 when they produced other in car technology such as DVD players. Nowadays they are known for their flagship range of dashcams. In this guide, we’ll compare their current range and share their similarities and differences to help you decide which one is best for you.

Series 2 Dashcams Overview

The series 2 range of dashcams is the second generation of devices from Nextbase that were launched throughout 2019 and 2020.

They follow the same pattern as the series 1 range, with 6 devices covering every segment of the market from the budget 122 up to the highest spec 622GW.

The range has been simplified slightly from the previous generation which offered WiFi and non-WiFi versions of the camera. In series 2, every device from the 322 upwards has both WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth.

We’ll start by looking at a comparison table of the main features and then review each one below.

Series 2 Comparison Chart

Frames per Second (max)30fps60fps60fps60fps60fps120fps
Video Resolution (max)720p1080p1080p1440p (2k)1440p (2k)4k
Viewing Angle120°140°140°140°140°140°
Screen Size2”2.5”2.5”2.5”3"3"
Touch Screen
Enhanced Night Vision
Built in Polarizing Filter
Emergency Response
Image Stabilization
What3Words Technology
Extreme Weather Mode
Click and Go Pro Mount
Compatible with Rear/Cabin Camera

Nextbase Series 2 Dashcam Reviews

One of our favourite things about the series 2 dashcam range is that it’s really easy to understand. For every model you go up, from 122 through to 622, you’ll get more features or better specs.

We’ll go through each of the range and talk about how each one is better than the one before it.

Nextbase 122

Key features:

  • 720p video resolution at 30fps
  • Click and Go Pro Mount
  • 2” screen
  • 120° viewing angle

The 122 is right at the lower end of the market and is a small, compact device that comes at a budget price. It has all of the essential features you need from a dashcam, including loop recording which writes over the footage you don’t need so you never need to delete the footage. If you need to keep footage, you can manually save it or the built in G-sensor can detect crashes and protect footage for you.

It also has intelligent parking mode that will monitor your vehicle when not in use and record any movements it detects. We recommend the official Nextbase hardwire kit for this to prevent your battery from draining.

The 122 features Nextbase’s Click and Go Pro Mount that you’ll find in all the series 2 devices. This is one of the best mounts that we have seen in dashcams and is particularly impressive that it’s included with the lower tier models too. It has magnetic connectors, so you don’t need to plug a cable in to the dashcam, just click the dashcam in to place and you’re good to go (hence the name).

As this dashcam doesn’t have any WiFi or Bluetooth, you’ll have to review footage on a laptop or PC using the SD card and the Nextbase Player software.

Nextbase 222 (vs 122)

Key features vs the 122:

  • 1080p video resolution
  • Option for 60fps at 720p
  • 140° viewing angle
  • Larger screen

The Nextbase 222 is the next in the range. As far as features go, it is relatively similar with no WiFi or Bluetooth so you cannot connect it to your phone. It does, however, have upgraded specs as far as the hardware goes.

For starters it has better video quality with the option to upgrade to 1080p resolution. If you do choose to stick at 720p, you can opt for 60 frames per second footage which will give you a smoother result.

The 222 is slightly larger than the 122 which allows it to have a larger screen and a wider camera angle at 140° instead of 120°.

Neither the 122 or 222 are compatible with the rear or cabin view add on modules, however there is a 222X version which includes a rear window camera with a telescopic lens that records the rear window through the cabin.

Nextbase 322GW (vs 222)

Key features vs the 222:

  • WiFi and Bluetooth to use with MyNextbase app
  • Emergency response
  • Compatible with add-on modules
  • Touch screen

Nextbase’s middle-of-the-road option (pardon the pun) is the 322GW. The camera hardware of the 322GW are similar to the 222 with a 1080p resolution, 140 viewing angle and a 2.5” screen, although this has been upgraded to a touch screen.

The internal hardware and software are where you’ll find the major differences as it’s the first in the series that features WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS connectivity, that’s where the GW comes from. This allows you to connect the 322GW to the MyNextbase Connect app and view your dashcam footage on your mobile phone. By comparison, the 222 dashcam requires you to take out the SD card and insert it into a laptop or PC.

The GPS allows you to see where the footage was filmed which can be seen side by side with the footage itself, it also records speed which could help in any accidents or insurance claims.

The addition of Bluetooth means the 322GW also has emergency response features. In case of an emergency, the camera can alert the emergency services and provide them with your location and other relevant details. There are safeguards in place to prevent accidental calls.

Unlike the 222, the 322GW is compatible with the add-on modules, including the rear camera, rear window camera and the cabin view camera.

See our full review of the 322GW.

Nextbase 422GW (vs 322GW)

Key features vs the 322GW:

  • 1440p resolution
  • Better camera sensor
  • Built in Alexa

Next in the series 2 range is the 422GW. This dashcam doesn’t have a huge number of upgrades compared to the 322GW, however the one that does stand out is the camera quality.

The 422GW has a camera resolution of 1440p, more commonly known as 2k. Whilst the camera does also offer 60fps, you will need to keep the resolution at 1080p to utilise this.

For the camera nerds, the 422GW has a better lens which has an f/1.3 aperture as opposed to f/1.6. Essentially, this means that more light enters the camera. That extra adjustment does have a big impact on the quality, especially under darker lighting.

One of the other features you’ll find in this camera that weren’t in the 322GW is Alexa. With Amazon’s voice assistant in your vehicle, you can operate your dashcam with your voice as well as having access to all of her other functions such as checking your calendar, setting reminders, asking questions operating your smart home from your car. Perfect if you want your home nice and toasty when you arrive.

Nextbase 522GW (vs 422GW)

Key features vs the 422GW:

  • 3” touch screen
  • Built in polarizing filter

The 522GW takes another slight step up in size which allows it to have a 3” touch screen instead of the 2.5” of the 422GW. Most of the other features are the same with both WiFi and Bluetooth to use it with the MyNextbase Connect app, emergency response and built in Alexa.

The camera specs of the 522GW are almost identical to the 422GW, it has 2k footage at 30fps or 1080p at 60fps. The only difference is that the 522GW has a built-in polarizing filter which does make an incredible difference to your footage, significantly reducing the glare.

Nextbase 622GW (vs 522GW)

Key features vs the 522GW:

  • 4k resolution
  • Up to 120fps (at 1080p)
  • What3Words technology
  • Extreme weather mode

Nextbase have reserved many of their best features for the 622GW which was announced later than the other devices in the Series 2 Dashcam range and only went on sale in 2020.

The 622GW is the only dashcam in the range to feature a resolution of 4k, this allows for really crisp videos and you’ll be able to identify signs, faces and reg plates with ease. Another upgrade you’ll find in the 622GW that wasn’t features in the 522GW is digital image stabilization, this works much like it does on high end DSLR cameras to digitally make videos smoother and iron out the bumps.

Whilst the 522GW’s 60 frames per second video recording gave great videos when played back in real time, the 622GW takes it one step further and offers 120fps, allowing for super slow-motion playback. However, you will need to keep the resolution at 1080p to access this feature.

Nextbase have gone all out to make sure this device is worth upgrading, another feature is the extreme weather mode which uses sophisticated algorithms to improve visibility in fog or other bad weather.

As far as the software features, the 622GW also includes WiFi, Bluetooth, Alexa and enhanced night vision that were in the 522GW. However, the emergency response is slightly better as it features What3Words technology. What3Words is a company that have given a unique combination of 3 words to every 3x3m square on the planet, it’s designed for use in emergencies as the 3 words are easier to communicate than coordinates.


Here are some of the questions we get asked about Nextbase dashcams:

Which Nextbase dashcam is the best?

In the current series two range of Nextbase dashcam’s, the 622GW is the top tier device. This features the best camera resolution at 4k, the highest frame rate at 120fps and has a number of unique features such as What3Words technology and image stabilisation.

Which Nextbase dashcam should I buy?

The Nextbase dashcam you decide to buy will depend upon the features you require. The 322GW is their mid-tier dashcam and offers most of the features you need at a good price. If good video quality is really important to you, or you what features such as slow motion playback, then opt for a higher tier device.